C.A.R.E. Year 4


  • The Membership Subscription Course is billed in EURO.
  • 149 EURO = 162 $US (incl. tax)
  • Discount voucher upon request

Year 4 of C.A.R.E. with New Content and More Community

Starts June 5, 2023 until May 31, 2024

You will receive:
    • Brand New Content!
    • Weekly Videos from Harry in English & Español
    • Weekly Worksheets with Resources in English & Español
    • Closed C.A.R.E. Facebook Learning Community.
    • Monthly Zoom Live with Harry followed by Growth Groups
    • Monthly confidential supervision groups for Member Care Providers (Zoom)
    • Monthly strategic development groups for Member Care Facilitators (Zoom)
    • Monthly contextualization groups for Latin America (Zoom)
    • Monthly contextualization groups for Africa (Zoom)

Bonus Material

  • Access to Member Care Foundations 1 lectures ($39 Value)
  • Access to Pyramid of Care / Member Care Foundations 2 lectures ($39 Value)
  • Access to “How to Grow Your Member Care Department” ($99 Value)
  • Access to “How to Start a Member Care Center” ($99 Value)
  • Access to Spanish / Español translations of all the above (Priceless)
  • Access to Harry (based upon availability): Email Q&As, Case Consultations & Zoom Live for Member Care Teams and Organizations
  • and of course the same commitment from Harry that you are used to by now.

Registration Deadline June 3,  2023

Turn what you Know, Love and Do✨
Into Member Care Growth, Mastery and Beauty ✨

  • Tired of not knowing if your Care is good enough?
  • You don’t want to lose what you have learned?
  • Frustrated working alone?
  • You don’t want to lose the amazing Member Care community with peer support and mentors?
Here is your next Step!

C.A.R.E. Year 3, Your One Year Membership Learning Community: Join C.A.R.E. Today!

  • C. Cultivate Your Knowledge
  • A.: Activate Your Skills
  • R.: Relate More Deeply
  • E.: Engage Others

My promise to you:

  • Beginners find their place in the 7 S’s and Pyramid of Care.
    • Member Care Practitioners grow in safety and confidence.
      • Member Care Facilitators learn how to focus.
        • Member Care Trainers develop contextualized Know How.

Your Cost in Money: 149 €uro ~ 162US$

You can’t afford that?

Discount voucher available upon request

Scheduled coming-up themes include:
  • Self Care, Biohacking & Member Care
  • Debriefing Skills & Tools
  • Vision Board: Growth Areas for Member Care
  • Manipulation in Teams
  • When Disaster Strikes
  • Interdenominational Problems in MC
  • Uncompleted Transitions
  • MC for Married Couples
  • Member Care Career Development
Watch the trailer for more info: