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Christian Leadership & Mentoring Series

First part of the “Leadership & Mentoring Series” is this practical 20-day online course “Focused Leader”.
With this 20-day online course Christians in Leadership and Ministry will focus and re-focus their lives and ministry.

You want to live with Purpose, Focus & Direction?
You want to leave chaos and people pleasing behind?
Then join Focused Leader!

Imagine the following: You, two paddles and a boat on a river.

  • Which direction do you face when rowing?
  • What saves you Energy?
  • Where have you been?
  • Where are you going?
  • What’s your strength?


  • Module 1: “Write your Biblical & Personal Purpose Statement”
  • Module 2: “Discover God’s Imprint & the Red Thread of your Life”
  • Module 3: “State your Values, Dreams, Calling & Vision”
  • Module 4: “Combine the above with your Lifestyle, Mindset, Personality, Gifts & Strength”

Please watch the video to learn how the training platform works.

This Member Care Training includes:​

•    20 Videos
•    20 Worksheets
•    Processing Questions to comment
•    Read and learn from other comments
•    Required Quiz after each lesson
•    Certificate of Completion by the Global Member Care Network and Harry Hoffmann.

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