Who is Harry?

harry hoffmann

1986 undergrad Engineering.
1989 University Degree in Mandarin Chinese (Sinology) & Sociology (Berlin).
1990 first trip to China.
1996 move to Taiwan and later to Changsha, China.
1999 move to Thailand
2001 founder of THE WELL Member Care Foundation.
2005 move to Kunming, China, 大文 Business Consulting.
2006 leadership of the Global Member Care Network.
2008 co-founder / chairman of China Counseling Association.
2010 two branch offices in China of 大文 Business Consulting
2012 move to Hong Kong
2019 after 23 years in Asia return to Germany
2019 University Degree in Theology & Leadership (Norway).
2020 harryhoffmann.global online courses
2022 Mobile Member Care in Central Asia & Middle East

I currently share my knowledge and experience with thousands of people from all over the world through Member Care and Leadership Online Training Courses, and recently started to travel again 50% of my time to meet with you!